My sodapop essences

A tasty variety of essences!

Specifically created in Germany, show good taste with the mySodapop flavours. Beside the classics like cola, orange or lemon, our sugar-free flavours transform fizzy tap-water into your personal favourite drink. With our essences, drinks are mixed quick and easy.

Thanks to our innovative and patented no-drop sealing cap, nothing is spilled or wasted.

The beverage syrups are a major component – not only of the whole mySodapop system, but also the company value chain. The cooperation with Döhler, one of the major developers of soft-drinks in Germany, and Heartland, the world-wide leading bottler of no-sugar-drinks in the Netherlands, is very important.


Accessories make your Soda Pop truly yours

  • 1L PET-bottle

    Our 1 litre PET-bottle made from high-grade plastic, is light-weight and ideal for on-the-go use, or everyday use at home. The plastic is of course BPA-Free plastic.

  • Glass-Bottle

    Our high-quality glass-bottle is dishwasher-safe and has a total capacity of 900ml. The especially developed design looks good on every dining table.


Bottle shirts

High quality bottle shirts, designed especially to protect and customize your bottle, and make it beautiful

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CO2 Refill

It fits all of them

Did you know that the mySodapop CO2-cylinder fits all commonly used water-carbonators?

One for all

Food and drinks are always a matter of trust.
mySodapop works exclusively with original Linde Gas carbonic acid, natural carbonic acid in highest food grade quality compatible with all identical cylinders on the market.

Our soda-systems works preferably with carbonic acid cylinders from Linde Gas, but also accepts all other identical cylinders available.

Post AG

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions

In individual cases it can happen that the glass-bottle is not a perfect fit, and screwing it into the Sodamaker Sharon does not go smoothly. Should that be the case contact your local mySodapop retailer and he will gladly replace the product for you.
Please contact our customer-service, either using the contact-form (click here),or by calling our customer-care hotline.
Please keep the following information at hand:

In the case of a defective sodamaker:
  • Wich model of sodamaker do you have?
  • Proof of purchase / Date of purchase
  • How did the defect occur? (Please specify as much as possible)
In the case of a broken / chipped glass-bottle:
  • Proof of purchase / Date of purchase
  • Did the bottle fall on the floor, or got otherwise damaged?
  • If the glass-bottle broke, please specify the procedure as accurately as possible.How was the bottle stored? Did the bottle break during carbonisation?Was the protective bottle shirt used?
Complaints / Returning carbon-dioxide cylinders:
  • Proof of purchase / Date of purchase
 You will also receive a free return label for shipping.During the warranty, your sodamaker will either be repaired or replaced by a new one - free of charge for you. If you do not have a proof of purchase or it is older than 2 years, please contact our consumer service for further information.
The mySodapop set´s contain everything you need, to prepare sparkling water: a sodamaker, a carbonic acid cylinder and one or more bottles. If you want to make sparkling refreshments, just add a mySodapop essence of your choice.
Do not use synthetic material or metal brushes, they could scratch and damage the interior of the bottle. It is recommended to use bottle brushes made of foam or natural bristles.
After exceeding the expiration date, you can transfer your mySodapop PET bottles to a collection point for plastics.
Glass bottles:
You can dispose of your damaged or broken glass bottle at every glass-collection station.
With the mySodapop Classic Essences you can choose from the many popular flavors. They are available in a cost-effective 500 ml format for 12 liters of mixed drink. The mySodapop Party Mix essences offer a special taste experience and are also ideal for cocktails or mixed drinks.
If your sodamaker continues to emit carbonic acid after releasing the carbonisation button, do not remove the cylinder from the sodamaker. Keep the unit in a vertical position and do not touch it until you do not hear any carbonic acid leak. If no carbonic acid escapes anymore, make a pressure equalization - depending on the type of the sodamker, by pressing the drain button or tilting the bottle. Then remove the cylinder from the unit. Caution: The cylinder can be very cold!
It may be that you hear a light whistle when the unit is under pressure. This is quite normal and should stop after carbonisation when pressure equalization occurs. This is done by pressing the drain button or tilting the bottle, depending on the type of sodamaker.
We recommend that you always have a spare cylinder at home. If the cylinder is getting empty, you only need to exchange it, so you can continue to enjoy your soft-drinks with fizz. Then return the empty cylinder on your next visit to one of our authorized dealers. You can get extra cylinders individually at the dealership.
It may be that some pressure escapes between the support and the cylinder slide. Screw the cylinder tightly onto the bracket. If pressure continues to escape, remove the cylinder immediately (caution: bottle can get cold) and check that it has been inserted correctly. If carbon dioxide continues to escape, remove the CO2 cylinder and replace it with a new one.
Quite simply: you only need to bring your empty Co2 cylinder to one of our authorized dealers and it will be replaced with a new one. You pay only for the refill of the cylinder.